Vibrational Design & Alternative Energies

Robert Barnes and Associates designs healing environments utilizing earth energies and harmonies through the implementation of Geomancy (the divination of lines and figures or geographical features), harmonics by means of BioGeometry (a reenactment of nature’s distribution of energy for the benefit of living beings), and Feng Shui (spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy). Using the science of quality, Biogeometry, Robert Barnes has transmuted detrimental EMF energies into beneficial enlivening spaces enhancing the occupant’s quality of health such as improved sleep and biophysical modulation reducing stress and anxiety.


Vibrational Design

Sacred Geometry


Alternative Energy

  • Periera Residence – Homestead, FL
  • Barnes Residence  – Pinecrest, FL
  • Eco Village – Rome, Georgia
  • Barnes Residence 1 – Florida City, FL
  • Barnes Residence 2 – Florida City, FL
  • Marewsky Residence – Homestead, FL


Vibrational Theory